Progetto "Una flotta di Emozioni" La vela accessibile per tutte le disabilità
la deriva a vela accessibile per disabili la deriva a vela accessibile per disabili la deriva a vela accessibile per disabili la deriva a vela accessibile per disabili
la deriva a vela accessibile per disabili

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The trimaran “Emozioni” comes out from ten years of sailing experiences with disabled people. People that, thanks to EOS association, could learn the art of sailing even during their hospitalization.

EOS association works at Castelletto di Brenzone (Lake of Garda- Italy) from 2000 and the volunteers and disabled people that created the association tried to work with every type of disability. For this reason our vessel can sure be defined “for everyone” ! We always want put the disabled person at the center of our work, we start the lessons with the helm so the disabled person can really feel to be the protagonist of what happens.

Starting from this work a team formed by sail boat designer and some disable persons created a prototype of sailing dinghy that's sure, fast, accessible and funny, for disabled and not-disabled. Easy to learn and to ride, simple to manage on the water and on the ground.

After many years of work with models and little prototypes, we finally arrived to the form that you can see in the photos. Now, in 2009, we are able to produce serially the ship, that's the first part of the project “A fleet of Emozioni”. We want to arrive to a ship school for everyone with free navigation courses and thrilling regattas !

More than a trimaran, “Emozioni” is a sailing dinghy with two little side hulls that prevent any reversal. It's been tested from many good sailors, like Mauro Pelaschier and Andrea Stella, for example. The trimaran, also called lovingly “barchino”, holds winds of 30 knots, sure and exciting.

This new type of ship has been projected to carry two persons. The first person, that can sail alone sure and independent, is the disabled one. His seat is at the center of the ship, removable, and can be handled with a crane lift. The person can go up the ship in many ways, depending from residual abilities. All sheets and halyards are at the hands of the helmsman, that can adjust the jib, mainsail and code0. Definitely, the disabled helmsman alone can handle all the rigging, sitting sure in his place. Sitting place is great and open to air and wind, you can feel to be one thing with the place where you sail. Everything is adjustable for special needing or simply to stay more comfortable.

Caratteristiche Tecniche:
LH 4.26 Mt
LWL 4.26 Mt
BH 1.86 Mt
dislocamento 176 Kg
passenger 2  
total surfaces 10.5 mq
FIOCCO 2.0  
RANDA 8.5 mq

The second component of the crew is supposed to be not-disabled, he's a bowman or a tactic. He can assist the helmsman when this one is not completely independent (i.e. a blind person), or simply works together with the other one. Working together for  disabled and not disabled can be anyway a great experience, when comes up under conditions of equality. The disabled person can use his talent and be proud of it, the not-disabled person can learn to trust and work together with an apparently less reliable component of the crew.

“Emozioni” has been made with composite materials, it's 4,26 mt long and 1,86 mt wide. Weight is 80 kg. It's armed with a mainsail, a jib and a code0. All sails are reducible so you can handle wind increasing. The weight / sail area, makes "Emotions" a boat very fast, responsive and easy to steer. It's fun ! Moreover, it is manageable to the ground by one person, does not require cranes and can ammar and land from the beach. Who likes to try new shores and compete in races on more than  one circuit, will certainly appreciate the ease with which the trimaran can be transported, even in duplicate to cart.